How YouTube Changed The Game

Throughout the past, it seemed rather hard to find an international superstar in the local areas. We were used to watching local television drama, series and action movies. These were only possible if we shared the same local television station in our locality. Time has really changed through the advent of YouTube.

YouTube has not only become a multi-billion industry that has reshaped the ways and means that we interact with each other but it has also become one of the most famous platforms after the advent of television by John Logie Biard in 1932. The essential development of YouTube has seen the integration of not only local but international channels. It has made the world a local marketplace.

Anyone can become rich through the use of YouTube ads, ad-sense, clicks and other unique methods of earning. Talent has been seen and broadened. We have run into a day and age where we can share ideas over and over through the millions of people that are throughout the world without worry.

The first video to be shared on YouTube was posted on April 23rd, 2005. The video was titled “Me at the Zoo.” It has since received over nineteen million views over time.

YouTube has significantly led to globalism. The local company advertising has gone global Companies have not only been able to get local customers (as it was through the use of local television channels in the past) but also international customers have been made available in their limitless numbers. And this is not stopping anytime soon.

Local television companies also saw the potential of YouTube. They started to advertise and stream their shows on YouTube channels. In time they were able to find a more vibrant and intensified number of followers for their shows. The shows continue to trend not only locally but also internationally. In time many companies changed their methods of using the local cable channels and resulted into following their YouTube channels alone. The word television significantly changed its definition to becoming one that is significantly determined by “YouTube followers”.

In time the YouTube became part and parcel of television broadcasting. Shows were treated as “live shows” being streamed live on YouTube. In this case, YouTube started to change the ultimate definition of television, Many companies and individuals were able to start treating YouTube as television. The local broadcasts soon adopted to become international broadcasts. Life stopped becoming a local issue but an international issue.

YouTube was developed mainly to become a site for sharing videos on blogs in the past but the many developments in the past have seen it become something of a necessity rather than just a platform for sharing videos. YouTube has significantly changed the ultimate definition of television by “enshrining itself” and becoming the ultimate hub for sharing all types of videos and information and not just short videos on blogs and websites.

One can argue that the local television stations have lost a lot but also gained a lot by putting their trust on YouTube. More and more developments are being seen as a result of YouTube and it is not expected to end anytime soon. How YouTube has change TV cannot go without being noticed. Change is inevitable!

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