Powerbeats 3 Review

If you are a Powerbeats fan, it’s fair to say when new models release, there is a bit of excitement in the air. I am a brand-ist. I do not like to switch brands because I like the familiar and I have owned this brand since first generation models came on the market. I have an Apple phone, Apple watch and Apple TV.

Why would I change now?

I’ve never had an issue with the ear-buds fitting my ear like I hear many do even though it comes with 4 ear-tip sizes. When I looked closely, the earbud posts are a smidge longer and angled more and I found I do prefer them over the fit of the series 2.

The ear-hook not only looks super cool but can also be adjusted to fit your ear. There is a small cinching button on the strap to tighten it around the back of your head so I’m never tangled. If you sweat a lot, like me, these are also water and sweat resistant. The sound has not been made better in the 3 generation but it did come with a protective carry case and there are changes to the buttons are definitely more responsive. The remote itself is slimmer and can skip, forward and back my music, adjust volume and answer an incoming call.

The biggest draw-card for me to get these is the W1 chip. Not only does this chip extend the battery life of an already impressive 12 hours, the chip means I don’t have to go through any processes to pair them to my phone. I just place them near it and like magic, it’s done. They work with Android and other brands devices as well, of course but when it’s Apple to Apple, it’s just easier.

The 3rd generation has a Fast Fuel feature. There’s no greater disappointment then getting to the gym only to discover that I forgot to charge them last night. 5 minutes is all you need to get an hour out of them, enough to get through a workout.

I’m not saying these are the best or the cheapest Bluetooth earphones on the market, but I am not about to start traipsing my way through the minefield of changing brands now. Looking at the reviews on Amazon.com won’t fill a lot of buyers with confidence, but they come with a 1 year warranty and that’s good enough for me.

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