Avoid These Mistakes When Sending a Mitsubishi to Brisbane Service Centres

If you are about to buy a Mitsubishi from a dealer’s lot, you need to know that a thorough Mitsubishi Brisbane service will definitely make it last longer. So, let’s say you bought it. Nearly a year later, its service schedule is fast approaching. What should you do? A better question would be, what should you not do?

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Here are mistakes to avoid doing when sending your car to a service centre.

Not following maintenance schedules

Frequent maintenance is important to your automobile. Before you drive a brand-new automobile away from the dealer’s lot, the staff will suggest you return to them for the car’s scheduled service.

Now, the timetables would certainly differ based on the car’s design. For example, if you have acquired a Triton, an SUV (such as the Pajero or the Pajero Sport), or an Outlander, it will need service after it reaches a 15,000-kilometre mileage, which is approximately 12 months after you bought it.

To confirm its service schedule, review its manual. You can also inspect the warranty pamphlet to know when these services are due. Make sure you follow the schedule before you even search for a “Mitsubishi service centre near me” and drive to one nearby.

Going DIY

Doing the DIY route can be damaging. One downside, for example, is that it can nullify your auto insurance policy. While your vehicle would certainly still be guaranteed if you are performing upkeep on your own, doing certain alterations, like changing the wheels or mufflers, might affect its insurance coverage.

Hence it’s not surprising why insurance companies recommend owners to send their cars to an authorized Mitsubishi car service centre, especially if they intend to make customisations to your automobile. These centres would know the services included in the insurance coverage and those that are not.

Using unauthorised parts and accessories

Commonly, the car dealership would only suggest genuine components for your vehicle. In case your unit experiences troubles because of utilizing imitation parts or lubricating substances, as well as other fluids not accepted by Mitsubishi, your service warranty may obtain gap.

Sending to an unauthorised service centre

It’s crucial that you send your car to a Mitsubishi Brisbane service authorised by the manufacturer. This will help you preserve its guarantee. When the dealership centre finds out that your car has been handled by a non-approved centre, they would no longer service your car for free. To recognize what would void guarantee, discuss this with your dealer before taking your Mitsubishi home.

Failing to comply with a scheduled service

Keep in mind that delaying the service will bring some damaging circumstances. Other than triggering your vehicle’s components (particularly those that need lubrication or some type of defence) to wear away too soon, you will certainly likewise take the chance of invalidating its service warranty.

Manufacturer-approved centres: the better choice

You can get many obvious benefits from taking your vehicle to an authorised Mitsubishi Brisbane service.

For one, you can ascertain long-term efficiency, integrity, as well as the safety of your car. Additionally, you can assure premium service, as it is provided by factory-trained service technicians who have access to authorised parts and repair tools.

Currently, before you head to Google or Bing to search for a “Mitsubishi car service near me”, you can see the services of, first. Toowong Mitsubishi is a manufacturer-authorised service centre.